As local newspapers crumble, more and more communities across the U.S. are left with little or no trustworthy original reporting. This underscores the need for a new model for journalism that can revitalize the informed the public.

What a Community Publisher Does:

  • Build relationships with business owners, and help each other grow within your community.
  • Be active in local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, BNI, and other networking groups.
  • Be a consultant for the businesses that advertise with you and help them on concepts, events, promotions and more!

Becoming a Roundup Publisher is a part-time or full-time independent contractor position. It requires your commitment in order to effectively operate and maximize your community goals.

  • "Valentine's Feeding Time for Couples" Feb. 9 at Maritime Aquarium

    01/27/2020 by

    Nothing says “I love you” like giving your sweetheart the chance to hand-feed a cownose ray, and The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk is making that romantic gesture possible for 10 lucky couples on Sun., Feb. 9. On the Sunday before Valentine’s Day, The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk is putting a special twist on its behind-the-scenes… Read more

  • 10 Recent Connecticut Lottery Winners

    01/25/2020 by

    Lifelong Wallingford Resident Wins $20,000 Prize Thanks to Good Karma and a Lucky Bracelet Shirley Stevens, 87, of Wallingford, a retired laundry manager from Choate Rosemary Hall, had two great reasons to celebrate last Sunday.  First, the Minnesota Vikings, her favorite football team, beat the New Orleans Saints that night, and then she won a $20,000 top… Read more

  • Dental Services Launched for Hartford Residents with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

    01/23/2020 by

    Wheeler and Harc, Inc., a Hartford-based non-profit that serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), have teamed up on a unique project to meet the oral health needs of this medically underserved population in Hartford. The Wheeler-Harc Dental Collaboration, made possible through a one-year $50,000 S.M.I.L.E. Grant from the Delta Dental of New Jersey… Read more

  • Watch Future Olympians Soar in Salisbury's 94th Annual JumpFest

    01/23/2020 by

    This will be the 94th year when ski jumpers and lovers of winter sports converge in Salisbury at Connecticut’s signature winter event, JumpFest. Ski jumping was introduced to this bucolic town in 1926 when a Norwegian farmer, Mr. Satre sailed off his barn; making ski jumping a winter tradition here ever since. This year, JumpFest… Read more

  • Over $53,000 in Grants Announced from Women & Girls’ Fund

    01/21/2020 by

    Building self-esteem and extinguishing self-doubt through collective action. That was the theme at the Annual Meeting & Grantee Reception for Main Street Community Foundation’s Women & Girls’ Fund held on January 16, 2020.   The annual event gathered donors, community members and Fund representatives to award $53,000 in grants to 18 organizations serving women and girls… Read more

  • Take Part in Native American Winter Survival Techniques

    01/21/2020 by

    Modern resources, gadgets, apps, and technology – we all use them to make our lives easier. But what if we didn’t have all of them to rely on? Native American communities living in Connecticut managed to live quite comfortably through the harsh New England winter. They spent the summer and fall preparing, storing, and foraging… Read more

  • Check Out These Award Winning Connecticut Restaurants

    01/20/2020 by

    Looking for the best restaurants in Connecticut? There are so many great spots to choose from, so we turned to the Connecticut Restaurant Association for the 2019 winners and nominees of its annual CRAzies Awards. The awards consider hundreds of contenders, select a short list of nominee finalists, and finally, award winners for the best restaurants in each region.… Read more

  • This is Where the First Pay Phone in Connecticut Was

    01/20/2020 by

    Though cell phones and other pocket technology have rendered public phones nearly obsolete, there was once a time when the classic payphone was a novel, necessary invention. William Gray invented the first pay phone in 1889. It was installed in a bank in Hartford, Connecticut. His innovation allowed everyday people who couldn’t afford their own phones to… Read more

  • Get to Know Connecticut's Mum City

    01/19/2020 by

    Best known for being the home of ESPN, Bristol is filled with unique things to see and do which you can’t experience anywhere else. It’s home to one of the oldest continuously running theme parks in the nation, Lake Compounce. Another attraction that you can only find in Bristol is the American Clock & Watch… Read more

  • Unusual Connecticut: Shade Swamp Sanctuary

    01/19/2020 by

    Given a long enough timeline, nature will swallow anything up, and such was the fate of an abandoned small zoo just off U.S. Route 6 in Connecticut. Now people drive by every day without knowing the remnants of a Depression-era menagerie are peeking out from the overgrowth surrounding the road. The little “zoo” was part… Read more

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