Return Policy

Return your product(s)? No problem!

Are you not satisfied with your order? You can return your order within these conditions:

  • Within 14 days after purchase
  • Clothing must be unworn and including original tags. You are allowed to try on the clothing to see if it fits. If the tags are preventing you from trying on the clothing, you may remove the tag. It’s not allowed though to go a night clubbing and returning the clothing afterwards.
  • Product must be unused and in mint condition.
  • Blister packaging must be in mint condition. (not applicable for clothing)
  • Enclosed with a written statement why you want to return your order.(not mandatory)
  • Please use the enclosed returnform you’ll find with your order

Products that are returned and are damaged and can not be sold anymore, will be billed. Products that can still be sold for a reduced price, will be billed depending on the costs of the damaging of the product(s).

In case you haven’t chosen a replacement product we pay you back in full within 14 days from the moment you have announced to return the product(s) to us. We can wait untill the product is send back or you can proof you have send the product to us.

If you want a replacement product sent to you, you might be asked to pay the extra shipping costs up front.

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