New to Connecticut Roundup?

What is Connecticut Roundup?

Connecticut Roundup is an online store and marketplace for the buying and selling of Connecticut items including retro and vintage items. Connecticut Roundup connects sellers and buyers. Becoming a seller is easy and free.

Do I need to register for an account if I am only buying an item?

You are not required to create an account on Connecticut Roundup to purchase and item, but we highly recommend it. Registering gives you the ability to leave and receive feedback about your purchase. Registering also gives you the added benefit of storing a history of your past orders, tracking your orders, leaving comments, contacting sellers, etc.

Who can become a seller?

Anyone 18 years or older can become a seller. Those under 18 can open an account in a parents or guardians name.

What type of items can be sold on Connecticut Roundup?

Any items that is related to Connecticut, sold in Connecticut, made in Connecticut and vintage retro Connecticut memorabilia can be sold on Connecticut Roundup. Reproduction items can be sold, but must be clearly stated as reproduction in the description.

What are the fees for selling an item?

It is free to join and list items on Connecticut Roundup and you may list as many items as you like. Each item listing lasts 150 days at which time it can be renewed for free. When your items sells, a transaction fee of 3.5% of the item sale price will be charged. Charges will be added to your account and billed monthly via PayPal.

Do I need a credit card or merchant account to sell my items?

No. Connecticut Roundup uses PayPal to bill you for selling transaction fees. Buyers have the option of using PayPal, check or money order to pay you and you decide which payment methods you will accept.

Can I also list my items on other websites?

Yes, Connecticut Roundup does not restrict sellers from listing their items on other websites such as Ebay or Etsy. All we ask is that if your item sells elsewhere, you promptly remove the item from your store on Connecticut Roundup. Also, you may not advertise on Connecticut Roundup for your items listed on other websites.

Does Connecticut Roundup advertise?

Yes, we do advertise on Google, in both search listings and product listings. We also encourage sellers to invest in advertising on their own. Connecticut Roundup is free to join and list items. We do not think that users should pay for advertising as part of a monthly sellers fee. We also provide one click submit buttons for social media websites Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit & Twitter

Registering for an account only takes a minute and is completely free.

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