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Magazine Advertising Rep

This sales role provides candidates with a generous 70% commission plan and an uncapped incentive program will be provided. A base salary is considered for applicant with 5 years of B2B media sales experience.

If you enjoy helping clients find business marketing solutions and building custom solutions to fit their business needs – we are looking for you. Candidates will also serve as a community outreach adviser that helps promote events in the area. Getting to know the community and the shakers and movers is key.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Work closely with prospective clients to understand their digital marketing goals and create the appropriate solution to meet their needs
  2. Team player willing to work collaboratively to satisfy client expectations
  3. Driven by goal-achievement, money, and personal growth
  4. Must be able to do your own research on businesses
  5. Provide full knowledge of our products and services with their benefits/values to buyers
  6. Understand the brand, product/technology and the formulation of the concept/strategy and how it relates to the customers’ needs
  7. Develop effective marketing programs for the client
  8. Making 20-50 outbound emails per day
  9. Achieving sales quotes, revenue, and goals
  10. Serve as a reliable, trusted resource of accurate and current technology solutions, including competitive digital marketing solutions
  11. Provide customer service and great communication to our clients

Qualifications and Skills

  1. Minimum 1-2 years business sales experience
  2. Great at providing the best possible solution to problems
  3. Motivated and responsible. Ability to work on your own and produce results
  4. Adhere to changes in policies or procedures
  5. Confident with great social skills with the ability to influence and persuade
  6. Technical product knowledge preferred – relevant to the markets being served, including but not limited to web marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, online advertising, e-commerce, etc
  7. Must be comfortable meeting deadlines on time
  8. Have a professional discussion in an optimistic, genuine, and conversational manner
  9. Be able to manage a flexible work schedule

And finally, have fun while you work. Our company culture embraces diversity in the workplace,has an open door policy and collaboration is essential to the teams success..

To apply please email your resume and a brief description about yourself to


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