What We’re Looking For:

What’s your favorite part of your hometown? Whether it’s a portrait of your friends, family or a shot of your local coffee place – share your photos from the place where you live, work, explore and more in Connecticut.

Visual art has become an increasingly important part of our magazine and contributes meaningfully to our readers.

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You can also submit photos of your favorite roadside eatery, faly enebrs and local attractions. Capture them with your phone, a professional mirrorless, or a hipster disposable camera — whatever you have is cool with us. They can be current… they can show us the past in its heyday, or they can show us what’s being done to keep the pride alive. Scenic photos of area communities are also invited.

You and your photos will be highlighted on Connecticut Roundup and social media.


Municipalities are also invited to send us photos of their tourist attractions, downtown areas, economic development initiatives, parks, city halls, community groups and new projects.  

How to send your photos:

E-mail your photos to roundupteam@connecticutroundup.com, and put in the subject line Images.

Be sure to include:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your phone number or e-mail address (for confirmation purposes only)
  3. Your hometown or where you now. (complete address is not needed)
  4. A caption: Tell us where you took this photo and/or video and what’s going on in it. Tell us why you took the picture. Or you can just provide a short caption.
  5. Explore, have fun and be creative!

Example Photos

See a few below as examples to get you going.

Show everybody the history, the people, the buildings, show us town events. No matter where you live on planet earth tell the world about your photo. Lastly… Have fun.

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