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To have a magazine in the 21st century is a little crazy. But the disruption to 20th century media outlets by the Internet has created irresistible opportunities.

Connecticut Roundup wades into an evolving media landscape with the will to commit acts of journalism that focus on Connecticut news, where almost 1.9 million nutmeggers live.

Run a viable territory while providing a community service

Local news helps strengthen communities and provides a critical service. Connecticut Roundup partners have built strong relationships with our audience of over 1 million readers. Those relationships allow our brand to generate revenue through selling high-impact advertising and content marketing to businesses and organizations.

Each town, city or region that is assigned to a Community Publisher will receive and produce original objective local news reporting.

What’s Next?

Understanding the Basics

There are no upfront fees. Connecticut Roundup provide remote interaction, group sessions and one on one training at no charge. Our goal is to make Connecticut Roundup the most useful, informative and user-friendly local lifestyle news site available.

Independent Contractors must understand that while the position is sales oriented, the Community Publisher will also produce sponsored article content, print marketing, social media marketing, exclusive sponsorships, branded content opportunities, and traditional online advertising. However, Connecticut Roundup has freelancers to provide content. The cost is $25 per mockup or story. There are also photographers and social media coordinators to help. The Community Publisher should also have a general idea of his or hers exclusive town/territories. Adding local news and event postings are key if you want a successible territory.

Let’s Recap

1. As a an Independent Contractor you will accept the full payment from the advertiser. Connecticut Roundup will invoice you a 30% royalty fee from your sales 2.

2.Your town/territory is exclusively yours, however other Independent Contracts can collaborate to form multiple town marketing packages. Most collaborations leads to higher profits and long term contracts.

3. There are no upfront costs. However when services are performed by a freelancer, you will be responsible for the service cost which will be invoiced.

4. Make an impact in your town/territory. Connect with the Mayor or town leaders as well as the local chamber of commerce.

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Thank you for visiting Connecticut Roundup. Please fill out the form below or contact Mike Uchalid, Publisher at Large to learn more about this opportunity.

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