Over $10 Million in Hermes Purses to be Auctioned Off in Connecticut!

Who would think that a high-fashion French designer handbag would become one of the hottest investments of all? According to Time magazine and Fortune, the Hermes lines of Birkin, Kelly, and Constance bags are top-tier investments, with even pre-owned examples offering better returns than gold or the stock market! Why? Several factors are at play, including Hermes’ topRead More

Connecticut Announces Late Winter Activities and Previews Springtime Fun

Destinations across Connecticut are embracing the last few weeks of winter—and preparing for spring—by offering a variety of new and unique ways to enjoy the state’s unparalleled blend of natural wonders, arts and cultural offerings, active adventures and culinary experiences, from eagle watching along the Connecticut River and maple sugaring in the countryside, to zipliningRead More

Pot Quiz: How Well Do You Know Connecticut’s Marijuana Laws?

A new proposal from Gov. Ned Lamont could make it legal to use recreational marijuana in Connecticut. Support among the public has been growing and with Massachusetts selling marijuana legally and other states considering, they say now is the time for Connecticut. “Like it or not, legalized marijuana is a short drive away in Massachusetts,”Read More

Are These the Best Rib Spots in Connecticut?

The entire state is rammed with a fantastic range of foodie options, but we’re going to let you in on a little secret – your best teeth-chomping bet is Connecticut ribs. The racks are huge and the tastes are melt-in-your-mouth delicious – from honey-sweet to brow-dripping hot, there is something for everybody on our list of theRead More

13 Did You Know Facts About Connecticut

The Constitution State often gets left behind when thinking about fun places, but that’s just because nobody bothers to learn the fun facts! Connecticut is more than just one of the original colonies. It’s also the birthplace of a president, the fourth most densely populated, and is responsible for two tasty sweet treats. This isRead More

This is Where the First Pay Phone in Connecticut Was

Though cell phones and other pocket technology have rendered public phones nearly obsolete, there was once a time when the classic payphone was a novel, necessary invention. William Gray invented the first pay phone in 1889. It was installed in a bank in Hartford, Connecticut. His innovation allowed everyday people who couldn’t afford their own phones toRead More

Unusual Connecticut: Shade Swamp Sanctuary

Given a long enough timeline, nature will swallow anything up, and such was the fate of an abandoned small zoo just off U.S. Route 6 in Connecticut. Now people drive by every day without knowing the remnants of a Depression-era menagerie are peeking out from the overgrowth surrounding the road. The little “zoo” was partRead More

10 Spectacular Things to Do in Torrington

Renowned for its historic New England charm, Torrington, CT offers a variety of dining, shopping, recreational, and entertainment opportunities for visitors of all ages. The downtown area is a thriving cultural hub which is filled with theaters, museums, and art galleries.Torrington’s Burr Pond State Park or John A. Minetto State Park are the perfect choices for activitiesRead More

15 Outstanding Connecticut Flea Markets

Whether you’re looking for priceless antiquities or you just want to stock up on some inexpensive items for yourself or the house, the several flea markets scattered around Connecticut will have just what you need. Flea markets are a great place to find unique goods, such as a lovely vase for your side table orRead More

Fundraising Campaign Beats Challenge Goal, Raises 63K Total for Nutrition Programming

Donors to Wheeler honored retired President and Chief Executive Officer, Susan Walkama, LCSW, by contributing more than $38,000 in her name, spurred on by the challenge of an anonymous $25,000 matching gift.  The total raised to support the program, between the match and the contributions, exceeds $63,000.  Walkama retired on November 1 after nearly 40Read More

Tourism Contributes $15.5 Billion to Connecticut Economy, Supports Seven Consecutive Years of Job Growth

Connecticut’s tourism industry continues to be a proven generator of business sales, tax revenues and statewide jobs. In one of the strongest years in the past decade, tourism posted $15.5 billion in total business sales in 2017—a 5.5% increase over 2015. This finding and others are outlined in an economic impact study announced today byRead More

Winter Is Here And No Boundaries Youth Theater Has A Lot To Offer

Please NBYT on January 7, 2020 at 6:30pm for a free event to kick off 2020. Featured will be a presentation by the CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts regarding their half and full day art programs for high school students. If you believe your child’s education could be enhanced by focusing more on the arts during normalRead More

Check Out These Fantabulous Winter Ideas in Connecticut

Why spend a winter weekend kicking around the house when you can be exploring so much of what Connecticut has to offer instead? Whether you like being indoors or out, whether it’s food or fun you’re after, Connecticut has lots of answers for you on its wintertime menu. Pick a few and try them out.Read More

Bristol Rep Opposes New Digital Tax

Connecticut users of the streaming music service Spotify received emails recently that the state sales tax on digital goods would increase in October. As of October 1, 2019, sales of “digital goods,” which includes audio works, visual works, audio-visual works, reading materials or ring tones, which are electronically accessed or transferred, are subject to salesRead More

Bristol Mayor’s Task Force to Hold Annual AIDS Candlelight Vigil

On Wednesday, October 2 at 5 p.m., the Bristol Mayor’s Task Force on HIV/AIDS will hold its annual Candlelight Vigil on Federal Hill Green on Queen Street in Bristol to honor and remember those who live with HIV, those who have died and the families and friends affected by this disease. The Task Force includesRead More

5 Common Reasons People Get Fired

I see no point in mincing words here: If you’re an at-will employee—as most of us non-union members are—you can get fired at any time for no reason at all (so long as it isn’t illegal). That’s a fact. But assuming you don’t work for an organization that’s likely to ax you for well, doing aRead More

Burlington Tavern Day Opportunities — Food Trucks Welcome!

This year, the Tavern Day committee is again being chaired by David Goshdigian who has some great plans that will include Food Trucks by the Tavern, another Farmers Market, Historical Re-enactors Tavern Day is Sunday, September 15. Help our Chamber continue to lead the way in support of Tavern Day and all the community fellowshipRead More

Bristol Ranked #1 on Pension Funding

By Richard A. Ciccarone,  President & CEO of Merritt Research Services, LLC and Co-Owner of MUNINET, LLC The Top 21% of Cities With High Pension Funding Levels Deserve Attention and Usually Praise With so much well-deserved negative attention focused on cities with huge unfunded pension overhangs,   it’s probably a good time to draw attention toRead More

Bristol Roundup – Annual Zucchini Letter Offers Multiple Ways to Help People in Need

Yes, it’s THE annual “zucchini” letter. What do you do with the extra zucchini (and beans and tomatoes and other garden goodies)?  How about helping out those who truly need them? Each year, I ask Bristol’s agencies who feed and clothe and heat and cool and provide furniture for those who are in need, whatRead More

Community Family Events In Burlington This Weekend

Upcoming community family events this weekend in Burlington! Saturday June 8th from 3pm to 9:30pm is the Johnnycake Music Fest at the Park off Johnnycake Mt Rd.  Benefits to Region 10 Make A Mark Enrichment Fund. Sunday June 9th from 9am to 3pm at the Nassahegan Recreational Complex (222 Punchbrook Road)  is “Bike and Bites.”Read More

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