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3 Easy Ways To Get Your Local News Covered – And Why It’s Important!

Chances are you have some great stories to tell. Generating local news coverage can be fairly easy if you know the best practices.

1. Make it Routine. Whenever you are in the early planning stages of an event, make sure media outreach is always a part of your efforts. Think about the people involved – are you working with a patient family or a big community partner? Is the local mayor coming to your event? We want to know about these things, so be sure to tell them!

2. Use Our Community News. Submit informational and fundraising events that are open to the public. Try to submit your event at least two weeks in advance.

3. Send us Letters to the Editor. Did you have a really successful fundraising event or drive? Send a short thank-you to your local papers. Tell readers about the success, and let them know there are still many ways they can help out. Do you have an event coming up? In 150 words, let readers know the who, what, where, when and why – and encourage them to get out there!

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