Report Shows Bristol is Buzzing With Activity

According to the “April 2021 Economic Development Marketing and Grants Report”, the City of Bristol is buzzing with activity.

You can view the entire report here.

Here’s the roundup:

The city is working closely with the owners of Nuchies on the future of their building, including the possibility of a new owner and similar business in the location.

Sonic will reopen its original location.

There’s a new coffee franchise called Aroma Joe’s heading to Bristol. Aroma Joe’s has submitted its site plan for the former Webster Bank location at the Big Lots plaza next to Wendy’s.

The city is aware of another new national chain business destined for Bristol Plaza.

“Rise and Dine” eatery is open and doing well on Route 6.

“Family Roots” on Riverside Ave. is preparing to submit its business plan and Downtown Grant application to the StartUP Bristol group in the coming months.

“Raw Food Central” is open and doing well. The company will return with its updated Economic Development Grant.

“Bakery on Maple” continues its build-out in the plaza with Parkside Café.
Dusty Dude Woodworks, a popular home-based business, has made the jump to leasing space downtown.

“Rumba Lounge” is expected to open soon in the Forestville space formerly occupied by Delish Lounge.

The city is working with “Harry’s at Home” frozen pizza manufacturer on establishing a location in Bristol. A potential location has been secured, with further work needed from BBHD.

The city is trying to find a new location in Bristol for “Big Steve’s Grill” which is being forced out of its location in Plainville.

The city is working with Bristol Health EMS on a possible relocation to the downtown area. The build-out for this project is proving substantial, and they expect EMS to apply for financial assistance.

The city is working with D’Amato Construction Co. on its build-out of 10 Main St., including an incentive package.

Economic Development staff and the Mayor continue to work closely on the spaces occupied by Baskets and Foodies — closed.

The City and its land bank partner New Colony Development will submit a grant
application for $2 million to remediate the J.H. Sessions building by April 7.

Economic Development staff and the Mayor’s Office have received preliminary design drawings from a prospective new private development on Centre Square. The City’s technical staff will work on the design proposal.

The City is working with the development team and future owner of the “Funck” and “Eagle” buildings on Main Street/Prospect Street on its proposal for Veterans Housing.

Economic Development is partnering with Public Works to add a small stamped asphalt treatment to the sidewalk in front of the “Residences on Main” project.
Economic Development staff and the Mayor submitted an Urban Act Request “Update” application to the State of Connecticut. The funding application requested is for the design and construction of a City Plaza and a parking structure to support Centre Square development.

A mural is planned for the retaining wall adjacent to the shared parking area on Centre Square. Funds from the Arts and Culture Commission will be used.

There’s more! You can read the entire report here.

A special Economic Development downtown meeting will be held on April 28th. Here’s the agenda.

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