Bristol Man Hired as New Assistant to Parks, Recreation, Youth and Community Services

The City of Bristol Department of Parks, Recreation, Youth and Community Services is pleased to  announce the selection of Bristol resident David “Davy” Tyre as the city’s new Assistant to the  Superintendent. Davy has over a decade of executive assistant/office manager experience at a variety of companies including Thomas Hooker Brewing Company, Jaroop, and Trumbull Marriott.  

Nearly 50 applicants were received for the Assistant to the Superintendent vacancy and 13 qualified  candidates were invited for testing. The testing process included Microsoft excel, proof reading, and an  extensive accounting/financial exam. Three individuals passed the testing process and were invited for  oral interviews.

Superintendent Dr. Joshua Medeiros noted, “All 3 candidates had the skills to successfully do the job but it really came down to fit for the organization. What stood out the most  about Davy was his cool, calm and collected approach to the work. Our office is incredibly busy serving  youth and community services in addition to parks and recreation, so we need someone that is highly  organized, has great attention to detail and can keep up with the fast paced environment. It was clear to  us that Davy had the right combination of skills, experiences and overall temperament to be successful  in this position.” 

In his previous roles Davy has been responsible for payroll, bookkeeping, human resource functions,  purchasing, and special projects for company Presidents and CEO’s. As Assistant to the Superintendent  of Bristol Parks, Recreation, Youth and Community Services, Davy will be responsible for processing  department payroll for nearly 300 employees, managing financials, billing and purchasing for 7  operational divisions, as well as other administrative office duties to support the work of the  department. Davy will also serve as the Recording Secretary for the Board of Park Commissioners and  the City’s Youth Commission.  

In anticipation of his new role, Davy said, “I am extremely excited to join the growing department of  Bristol Parks, Recreation, Youth and Community Services and be able to serve my community.”

Davy Tyre officially assumes the role of Assistant to the Superintendent of Parks, Recreation, Youth and  Community Services on Monday May 17, 2021 with an annual starting salary of $51,655.

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