Piscopo Supporter Removes Yard Sign After Learning of His Environmental Stance

John Piscopo is a Republican member of the Connecticut House of Representatives and is the Senior Republican Whip, the third-highest ranking leadership position within the House Republican caucus. He represents Burlington, Harwinton, Litchfield, and Thomaston. He was first elected in 1988.

For several months, my neighbors have been displaying a yard sign promoting The Environmental Learning Centers of Connecticut’s campaign to preserve a parcel of land from mining and development. Then, they placed a “Re-elect John Piscopo” yard sign next to it. Did they not know about Rep. Piscopo’s abysmal record of voting against the environment?

Believing that my neighbors could not have known about Rep. Piscopo’s anti-environment stance, I mailed them a copy of the League of Conservation voter’s 2019 scorecard. Rep. Piscopo had the worst record in the state for voting against the environment. He is a vocal climate change denier. He introduced two bills to remove climate change from Next Generation Science Standards taught in our public schools. During a floor speech, he actually said “thank God for global warming”. To top it off, he cast the lone vote against a bill to ban fracking waste from being imported into Connecticut.

Does your representative truly represent your interests? My state representative John Piscopo has been in office for 32 years. He attends district events, smiles nicely, and shakes everyone’s hand. Because he is a nice friendly guy, people keep re-electing him without knowing his voting record. My neighbors removed their re-elect John Piscopo sign. Follow their example. Don’t support a candidate who votes against your best interests. Know how your representative votes before you cast your own vote.

Sharon Farmer

Burlington, CT

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