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Eversource is Using Lake Compounce as a Statewide Command Center and Housing Hub

Nearly 500 extra utility workers are setting up trailers at Lake Compounce for what could be a long haul.

Eversource said they have crews coming in from Indiana, Illinois and the Carolinas.

Lake Compounce Marketing Coordinator Paige Schmitt told FOX61 they are smack dab in the middle of Connecticut so we have Eversource setting up camp, here they’re bringing Eversource employees from all over the east coast.

Normally the Eversource Berlin campus serves as a command center but is now set up in Bristol with a number of trailers and mobile vans being used to coordinate restoration activity.

Eversource Staging Supervisor Randall Thibodeau said when they have an event like this they have to go outside to get crews but require temporary housing.

More than 700,00 residents lost power last week thanks to Isaias.

Initially Eversource focused on assessing damage and clearing roads, so crews didn’t start restoring power until last Thursday.

Eversource said by Sunday afternoon lights were back on for more than 560,000 customers.

Currently 1,200 crews based out of Bristol are working on restoration and are expecting another wave of workers this week.

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