This Connecticut Trooper Went Nuts! Take a Few Minutes and Watch This Jaw Dropping Video

A video posted to social media shows an enraged Connecticut state trooper screaming profanity at a driver during a traffic stop. An internal investigation is underway.

The driver said he was pulled over because he made an obscene gesture without realizing the other driver was a state trooper.

The video shows State Trooper Matthew Spina handcuff the driver, search his bag and stomp his ashtray on the road outside the car. The trooper lashes out at the driver for much of the video.

“Un*believable. It just never * ends in this * job. I got fourteen months. I can’t * wait to be done. Here’s a * clue to the public what a bunch of *holes you are.”

Spina is also not wearing a mask or gloves in the video. Connecticut State Police say troopers aren’t required to wear PPE on traffic stops if they don’t have time to put them on.

State police said in a statement Spina’s behavior is disturbing and not indicative of their work during the pandemic. They took Spina off patrol duty.

Spina also finds medicinal marijuana during a search of the motorist’s vehicle and destroys it because it was not kept in its original dispensary container. He is pictured motioning to the motorist to leave the vehicle after spotting the cannabis.

The footage ends with Spina releasing the motorist with a warning never to cross his path again, otherwise he would throw him off the bridge.  

Dashboard camera video confirmed the incident, which prompted the state police to take Spina off the road pending an investigation. 

The Hartford Courant identified Jette, who had posted the video as ‘C.O.P -Civilian on patrol.’ 

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