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Drive-in Movies are Back in Connecticut; Check Out These 6 Locations

How’s this for a comeback in the era of coronavirus? Drive-in theaters may be part of our new normal. Coronavirus social distancing restrictions make them a safe place to go to the movies.

Drive-in theaters, which combined America’s passion for automobiles and movies, peaked in popularity during the 1950s and early 1960s. Many closed down as more people chose to watch movies indoors or at home.

About 30 drive-ins are still in operation in the United States as of this month, according to The website estimates that about 330 are still standing, down from the late 1950s’ peak of about 4,000.

There are three drive-ins in the state, in Barkhamsted, Mansfield and Southington. Pleasant Valley opened May 8. Mansfield will reopen Wednesday. Southington has not set an opening date.

Let’s take a look at the seasonal status of the six drive-ins operating in Connecticut and New York.

#1 Four Brothers Drive-In Theater – Amenia, NY

According to the Four Brothers FB page, their ‘Grand Shack‘ will be officially opening for takeout on May 6 featuring hot dogs, lemonade, Nutella shakes, and popcorn, etc.They are hoping that the drive-in theater will be able to open in some capacity very soon. They recommend you check their FB page on a regular basis for updates.

#2 Pleasant Valley Drive-In – Barkhamsted, CT

The Pleasant Valley Drive-In is working hard to open their 2020 season but the snack shop requires some much-needed repair work.They have even added a GoFundMe page hoping that patrons will pitch in to help get them up and running for the season. For updates, check their FB page.

#3 Southington Drive-In – Southington, CT

The Southington Drive-In is hoping for a June 6 opening this summer. Many patrons have asked about renting the drive-in for various events.They are sorry to report that because of COVID-19 and municipal and state regulations, they cannot open for private rentals under any circumstances. Check the Southington Drive-In’s FB page for updates.

#4 Mansfield Drive-In – Mansfield Center, CT

On April 1, this is the notice that the Mansfield Drive-In Theatre and Market Place placed on their FB Page,Due to the recent increase in COVID-19 cases and casualties, we feel as though it is not in the best interest of the safety of our community to open the Mansfield Crive-In Theatre at this time. We will open and have movies playing when it is safe to do so.

#5 Hyde Park Drive-In Theatre – Hyde Park, NY

The last update regarding the opening of the Hyde Park Drive-In was on March 26 when they stated they were considered a non-essential business until April 17.They directed patrons to check back on their FB Page and/or website for updates on their status. There have been no updates since March 26.

#6 Overlook Drive-In Theatre – Poughkeepsie, NY

On March 21, the Overlook Drive-In stated on their FB Page that due to the quarantine, they did not have an opening date for the 2020 season but to check back for the latest updates.

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1 comment on “Drive-in Movies are Back in Connecticut; Check Out These 6 Locations

  1. FYI, the Southington location just posted on the 18th that they won’t be opening until at least August.