Connecticut Grocery Store Employee Dies of COVID-19

An employee at a Whole Foods grocery store in Greenwich has died due to complications related to the new coronavirus, according to a spokesperson.

“We have lost a member of the Whole Foods Market community who passed away on May 10 from complications related to COVID-19.”

“This is a tragic loss for his loved ones and for his fellow team members at our Greenwich store. We are offering our support and providing counseling services as they process this difficult loss.”

There have been reports of grocery store worker deaths related to COVID-19 in Bridgeport and Stratford. The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union said last month that at least 72 members had died and more than 5,322 had been directly impacted.

Around the country, employees from companies like Amazon, Instacart, Walmart, Target, FedEx and Whole Foods, have staged walkouts or “sickouts” in protest of working conditions.

The store was deep-cleaned and workers who were in close contact with the person were asked to self-quarantine, according to a store spokesperson.

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