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Big Changes Are Coming to This Downtown Bristol Intersection

The vacant lot at the corner of Route 6 and North Main Street is going to get a massive makeover.

The city of Bristol’s zoning commission unanimously approved plans for a new assisted living project on the site.

The property owner and former city hall administrations have been at odds for over a decade regarding the definition of the lot. Back in 2016 a similar zone change was unsuccessful.

The initial plan for the property was to spur a more walkable experience. The parcel is a prime Rt. 6 location and the designation produced no results.

Vacant lot at the corner of Route 6 and North Main Street

The new zone change paves the way for a new 60,000 sf, 5-story building with 60 apartments, 14 of which will be for specialized memory care, and will feature an innovative “KindCare” brand owned by Senior Living Advisors, LLC out of Fairfield, CT.

The commercial real estate development company specializes in
senior housing with a focus on assisted living/memory care and independent living in both luxury and mid markets.

“The KindCare community is an innovative model that features rates that are 30% less than most assisted living communities with cutting edge technology to keep its residents safe, well and happy,” stated Mark De Pecol, CEO.

“Our design includes features such as Remote Visitation, Telemedicine, and Ultraviolet air handlers that eliminate 99% of viruses and bacteria in the airspace. A wellness center, restaurant, bistro, media room, walking gardens and many social activities all contribute the residents’ well-being. A staff of 50-75 employees are trained in elderly care and the protocols to sanitize prior to entering the resident area for work.”

This is a major addition to the downtown revitalization that we have been working toward, parcel by parcel,” stated Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu. “We like the look of it, and the presence it will have on that gateway.”

“Coming up with a plan for this corner after a decade of it sitting vacant is a huge win,” said Councilman Peter Kelley.

Councilwoman Mary Fortier agreed, and also cited the number of new jobs that the facility will bring to Bristol. “With the emphasis that the Board of Education is putting on a healthcare pathway for high school students, as well as the work of Tunxis Community College and Bristol Adult Education, we are going to be able to supply a well-trained workforce.”

“The approval by the Commission last evening was the culmination of an exhaustive site plan application with the challenges of both the applicant and staff dealing with coronavirus home sheltering, upending normal procedures for staff meetings and public hearings,” said Justin Malley, the City’s Economic & Community Development Director.

Malley gave credit to the City’s Planner, Robert Flanagan, who was able to pivot quickly to make a smooth transition to remote meetings. These efforts allowed the applicant to navigate the site plan approval without delay.

Construction will be starting in September with an estimated opening date in late fall of 2021. Future residents will be able to apply in spring of 2021.

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