New London police chief Peter Reichard posted on Monday to Twitter that his department seized a number of the “home COVID-19 test kits.”

Officers said the kits were a scam and were seized from a local convenience store. Authorities did not say which specific convenience store the kits were found at.

The Food and Drug Administration said it has not authorized any test that would allow residents to test themselves at home for COVID-19.

The Office of Attorney General and the Department of Consumer Protection reported that both are starting to see fake test kits being marketed to the public as ways to test for the 2019 coronavirus disease at home.

“Scammers are always looking for new ways to target the vulnerable, and this public health emergency is no different,” Attorney General William Tong said.

Consumers who recognize these scams or feel they have fallen victim to a scam should report it to the Department of Consumer Protection or the attorney general’s office.

People can file complaints with Department of Consumer Protection online at, or emailing

Complaints can be filed with the attorney general’s office online at, or emailing


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