A group is planning on holding a rally on Monday afternoon to protest the governor’s executive orders ordering non-essential businesses to close during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Libertarian Party of Connecticut has been promoting the rally on social media.

In a video posted on its Facebook page, a spokesperson said the event will be a rolling rally and he asks that people remain in their vehicles.

The Facebook event states: Calling All Patriots! Join Together for a Rolling Car Rally at the Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford.

We will demonstrate to His Excellency that our First Amendment rights shall not be infringed. The citizens of Connecticut reject the abrogation of our rights expressed in your decrees.

We must have liberty to go to work, open our business, provide for our families, enjoy our public parks, gather in faith communities, and restore our economy.

The planners are asking protesters to stay in your their cars and exhibit social distancing guidelines.

Polls show that most Americans support restrictions meant to combat the virus.

As of April 20, a total of 19,815 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported among Connecticut residents. One thousand nine hundred one patients are currently hospitalized.

There have been 1331 COVID-19-associated deaths.


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