Since the coronavirus drove everyone indoors to shelter in place and practice social distancing, grocery stores have been experiencing shortages as a result of some people hoarding supplies. It’s hard to find toilet paper, yeast and flour right now, and people are jury-rigging face masks at home because they can’t buy them elsewhere.

Among the shortages we’re experiencing is an unexpected one: It turns out people are buying baby chicks in droves.

In a time like this one, the move actually makes sense. We are all eating at home more often than usual.

“People are panic-buying chickens like they did toilet paper,” Tom Watkins, vice president of Murray McMurray Hatchery told the New York Times. According to the article, chick sales go up during stock market downturns.

Strong Family Farm in Vernon Connecticut says if you are new to chicken-keeping, or know someone who is, we are here to help! Strong Family Farm’s Backyard Chicken Program begins June 24 and runs bi-weekly for eight sessions.

Remember that those cute little chicks you can buy at Tractor Supply are a BIG responsibility, as with any other pet. They need special care and space – and you do not want them in your house! Be sure to do the research before you buy.

“We at Strong Family Farm do not take in chickens from other sources. We practice strict biosecurity for our flock and they are registered with the CT Department of Agriculture (which is required if your chickens are shipped from out of state).”

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