A new Sacred Heart University poll finds that Connecticut residents approve of the job done so far by Gov. Ned Lamont during the coronavirus pandemic.

The poll surveyed 1,000 Connecticut residents on questions about how Lamont and other state officials have been handling the pandemic in the state.

It also gauged the economic toll on residents and the state, and examined timing and logistical issues related to attempts to manage and mitigate fallout from the crisis.

This poll is a snapshot in time, taken when schools had just closed, businesses were beginning to lay off workers, and information was changing by the hour. 

Lamont reached his highest overall approval rating since he took office, 41%, in April.  Lamont’s approval rating jumped 10 points from March to April. 

Lamont got high marks for his decision to close non-essential businesses last month.  Nearly 60% of respondents agreed with that decision, designed to stop the spread of COVID-19.

However, the survey also showed that fewer people are confident in the governor’s plans moving forward: 91% expressed concerns about the state’s economy.

Only 45 percent reported they approve of the way he is “addressing a plan for businesses in the state.”

The vast majority of surveyed residents, 91.8 percent, were either very concerned with the financial impact of the coronavirus on Connecticut’s economy.

In terms of schools, 67.4 percent of respondents believe the state’s handling of closings was managed “about right,” more than a quarter believe bars/restaurants, 29.7 percent, and theaters, 29 percent, were closed too late.

Read the complete results of the poll here.

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