The latest confirmed numbers of the coronavirus in Connecticut are 34 deaths, 1,993 positive cases and 404 hospitalizations.

The state saw its largest increase Sunday, when 469 new cases were reported. The figures may be shocking but state health officials have cautioned that cases will continue to rise until at least mid-April and part of it is because the opportunity to get tested keeps expanding.

Bristol Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu said “Over the weekend, the Parks & Recreation Superintendent Dr. Josh Medeiros, Dr. Catherine Carbone, the Superintendent of Schools, Police Chief Brian Gould and I discussed the ongoing concern of people using the Parks in large groups,” stated Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu.

“In response to the fact that social distancing is not being used at the active recreation sites, the decision has been made to close these sites for the overall public health objectives that the “Stay Safe, Stay Home” initiative is encouraging.”

“In addition, we will be closing the lower half of Memorial Boulevard to traffic effective Wednesday, April 1st in order to create additional passive recreation space,” said Medeiros.

These closures include:
All City Playgrounds & Playscapes including the ones at Schools
All City Basketball Courts including the ones at Schools
Rockwell Park Skate Park
Volleyball Courts
All Park Athletic Fields
All School Athletic Fields including the Turf Fields

“Passive recreational areas, open spaces and trails will continue to remain open to the public at this time,” said Parks Superintendent Josh Medeiros. “However, signs will be posted at all of these locations reminding all Park users that social distancing needs to be employed.”

Open facilities at this time, which is subject to change, include:
Tennis Courts
Memorial Boulevard Track for walking/running only (field is closed for activity)
Nelson’s Field
All walking trails and paths in all Parks and also the Hoppers-Birge Pond and Pine Lake areas
Roberts Property Dog Park – where people are encouraged to pick up after their own dogs to keep the area clean for all users.
Rockwell Park Mountain Bike Trail
Rockwell Park Dog Park
Page Park and Rockwell Park Disc Golf ( for groups of less than 5)

First Selectman Fred Camillo of Greenwich has also ordered all Town parks and beaches closed to the public, effective immediately. The closures will be effective until further notice.

The closure includes but is not limited to tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, ballfields, school grounds and open spaces. Bathrooms at all recreational facilities will be closed.

“This is a decision I did not make lightly. Our parks are being overwhelmed by visitors who are
not practicing social distancing,” Camillo said. “This is a national public health emergency.
While it is good for people to enjoy the outdoors and exercise, to do so in such large numbers
presents the possibility of a widespread outbreak of the coronavirus.”

On Saturday, there were 8,433 visitors to Greenwich Point Park alone.

Violators of this directive may be cited for trespassing or more severe criminal sanctions in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes.

Currently all state parks are open at the moment but a decision to close them is being considered.

For the most up-to-date information from the State of Connecticut on COVID-19, including an FAQ and other guidance and resources, residents are encouraged to visit

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