There is a long and glorious tradition of pizza in Connecticut. From original and authentic pizzerias to family-run restaurants, everything you’re looking for in (and on) a pizza is, well, under your nose. The state, by the way, is famous for ‘Apizza’, a truly Connecticut-style pie that is cooked in a wood or coal-fired oven at very high heat. It is, to say the least, totally delish.

Here are our picks for really good pizza in Connecticut. You’re salivating already, right?

1. Frank Pepe – New Haven

As the oldest pizza parlour in Connecticut, Pepe’s was founded in 1925 and is still family-owned. Their White Clam pizza is famous country-wide and has topped many a list of the best pizza in the States.

With fresh littleneck clams and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano, it’s a beauty.

Frank Pepe in America

2. Sally’s Apizza – New Haven

Sally’s has been one of the best places for pizza in Connecticut since 1938, and still serves up its thin crust pizza baked in the same coal-fired oven that has been in use for over 80 years. The iconic Wooster Square pizzeria has been a go-to spot for many a celeb over the years, all there for a bite of the famed crispy crust and rich, tangy sauce.

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3. Otto – Chester

These proper woodfired pies come out supremely bubbling and smokey. Pizza just how it should be.

Fresh and creative toppings include white base pies with golden beets, butternut squash, swiss chard and creamy mozz, or red pies with housemade sausage with peppers, caramelized onion, and Calabrian chillis. Or, y’know, stick to a classic cheese.

4. Krust – Middletown

Wood fired, thin crust Neapolitan pizzas are what Krust is all about. It’s all about the simplistic beauty of the Margherita here, as ingredients are so good that this pizza is an instant classic.

They use San Marzano Tomatoes and Double “00” Flour for their homemade dough, and fresh mozzarella on every pie – just like you’ll get in Naples.

5. Modern Apizza – New Haven

For authentic New Haven-style apizza, Modern Apizza is always a surefire bet for some of the tastiest pies in the state.

Opt for a traditional apizza with toppings such as onion, anchovies or salami, or go all out with a speciality pie. Think: ‘Clams Casino’ with fresh clams, bacon and peppers or a tempting crabmeat and seafood pizza.

Virgin Wines
Pizza in Connecticut

6. Roseland Apizza – Derby

Derby locals hotly contest that Roseland Apizza does the best pies there are, and who can argue with pizza as good as this? Not us, that’s for sure. The bases are thin and crispy and come with a large selection of delicious toppings.

Want to really treat yourself? Order the market-priced lobster and scallop white pie, seasoned with bread crumbs and butter. *drools*

Pizza in Connecticut
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7. Zuppardi’s Apizza – West Haven

This family-owned restaurant has been passed down through the generations and is still hugely passionate about pizza. Their original special is a red pizza with mozzarella, mushrooms, and Zuppardi’s own fennel sausage. Or, for something classically Connecticut, order the White Clam. It has a little spice to it and is absolutely delicious.

Pizza in Connecticut


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