Governor Lamont’s 2021 Recommended Budget Adjustments

As the 2020 legislative session opened for business today, Governor Ned Lamont delivered to lawmakers a series of proposals, including fiscal year 2021 budget adjustments. Those proposals continue the progress the state has made over the last year by holding the line on taxes, investing in economic growth, protecting our climate, and modernizing key state government processes.

One year ago, Governor Lamont laid out a path forward that emphasizes fiscal responsibility, long-term sustainability, and economic growth. That meant taking steps to address the growth and affordability of some of the state’s significant fixed costs; reducing the state’s reliance on volatile revenue sources; modernizing government to improve access, enhance efficiencies, and develop new synergies; resolving long-standing and potentially expensive legal matters; maintaining the fiscal discipline that has allowed Connecticut to build the largest budget reserve fund in history; reducing borrowing while still making key investments; and avoiding destabilizing increases to our major tax rates.

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“Working together, efforts adopted by the legislature and signed into law are ensuring that Connecticut’s future will no longer be defined by fiscal crisis, and instead our state has entered a new era of fiscal stability,” Governor Lamont said. “Because of a number of new policies and efficiencies that have been enacted, these years will be defined by the largest rainy day fund in Connecticut history, ensuring that our state has a strong fiscal foundation on which to build itself up – and the credit rating agencies have taken notice. Connecticut’s legislature has made reforms that are moving us into the right direction, and I am confident moving forward that we can continue on this path and keep Connecticut in a position of strength.”

The governor’s full budget proposal, as well as information on all of his other initiatives for this year, can be read on his website at in the “Legislative Proposals” section. Fact sheets summarizing each piece of legislation he is introducing will be posted on that site within the next several days.

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This year, the governor’s legislative proposals and midterm budget continue the commitment he made to ensuring Connecticut remains on the path to progress and is a place where individuals, families, and businesses alike can thrive.

Budget Documents | Fact Sheet  

Legislation implementing the FY 2021 budget recommendations include:

  1. HB 5005: An Act Adjusting the State Budget for the Biennium Ending June 30, 2021
  2. HB 5006: An Act Making Deficiency Appropriations for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2020
  3. HB 5010: An Act Concerning Revenue Items to Implement the Governor’s Budget
  4. HB 5015: An Act Concerning the Governor’s Budget Recommendations for Human Services
  5. HB 5020: An Act Implementing the Governor’s Budget Recommendations Regarding Public Health
  6. SB 8: An Act Implementing the Governor’s Budget Recommendations for General Government
  7. SB 12: An Act Authorizing and Adjusting Bonds of the State for Capital Improvements, Transportation and Other Purposes
  8. SB 15: An Act Implementing the Governor’s Budget Recommendations Concerning Higher Education

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