13 Did You Know Facts About Connecticut

The Constitution State often gets left behind when thinking about fun places, but that’s just because nobody bothers to learn the fun facts! Connecticut is more than just one of the original colonies. It’s also the birthplace of a president, the fourth most densely populated, and is responsible for two tasty sweet treats. This is not the Connecticut you came across in your school books. This is the raw deal, where Nutmeggers are really from!

1. Connecticut is birthplace to George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States.
2. Connecticut holds the record for most twins enrolled in one academic year.
3. Connecticut is one of the most popular places for angler fishing.
4. Connecticut boasts the Guinness World Record for fastest puzzle completion.
5. Connecticut has the highest Human Development Index in the United States.
6. Connecticut pharmacist Wilbur Scoville invented the Scoville Scale.
7. Connecticut knows a thing or two about caroling.
8. Connecticut folks know a thing or two about driving.
9. Connecticut hosted the first women’s golf tournament.
10. Connecticut is responsible for Goodyear.
11. Connecticut is where the Pez dispenser was invented.
12. Connecticut is also where the lollipop machine was invented.
13. Connecticut is home to the headquarters of the WWF.

Now I’m probably pretty biased given I’m a local but the facts are clear. Not only do we have one of the longest histories in the country, but some pretty interesting stuff has gone down here. Is this state the coolest or what?

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