Meet This Inspiring Connecticut Coffee Couple

When it comes to driving and a dedicated partnership that’s as strong and good as their customer service, Danielle and Doug are serving up great coffee in Bristol, CT. Upon meeting, they knew they shared a common goal and worked quietly towards the American dream over the past years. While the idea wasn’t always clear, their love of travel and visiting local cafes and coffee shops became a mutual love and ultimate destination.

ICOSA Brewhouse
Photo (c) The Roasted Bean

As Doug and Danielle wrapped up their honeymoon, they decided once and for all what their dreams meant. With this realization came the idea or start of The Roasted Bean. After returning home to Connecticut, and mounds of research involving coffee and roasters, The Roasted Bean came to life.

Photo (c) The Roasted Bean

As the American dream starting coming to life, Doug left his job to fulfill this dream. While most around them may have questioned their decisions, Danielle and Doug knew the investment was worth it. They took not only the time but poured forth their dedication to making the best coffee, frappe, latte, or sandwich, whether it was for a sit down at the shop or on the way for a customer’s commute.

Photo (c) The Roasted Bean

The Roasted Bean is an incorporation of all the elements they saw in their travels out west and Europe. Since they know how precious time is for everyone, they wanted The Roasted Bean to be a one-stop-shop for everyone.


In addition to serving up roasted coffee, they’ve added handcrafted espresso drinks and a tea line. If you’re hungry, there are plentiful options for food whether its to satisfy a sweet tooth or a hot breakfast sandwich or a salad.

Photo (c) The Roasted Bean

Doug and Danielle know there is something for everyone at The Roasted Bean. Even for the non-coffee drinkers. They pride themselves on outstanding quality and customer services that echoes their worldwide travels and inspiration. They want everyone to feel welcome and to feel appreciated, whether their first step into the shop in the morning starting the day, or grabbing something to go to finish it up.


The Roasted Bean is located at 934 Terryville Avenue Bristol, Connecticut.

You can visit their website here.

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