10 Recent Connecticut Lottery Winners

Lifelong Wallingford Resident Wins $20,000 Prize Thanks to Good Karma and a Lucky Bracelet

Shirley Stevens, 87, of Wallingford, a retired laundry manager from Choate Rosemary Hall, had two great reasons to celebrate last Sunday.  First, the Minnesota Vikings, her favorite football team, beat the New Orleans Saints that night, and then she won a $20,000 top prize on a winning, CT Lottery scratch ticket.


“I told my daughter that morning I woke up feeling lucky, like I had good karma,” Stevens told Lottery officials.  With that in mind, Stevens put on her “lucky bracelet” with the word DREAM emblazoned upon it, and then went on to spend the day with her son, Michael, which included a nice family dinner and watching football on TV.  

After the game, Stevens and her son were making the drive back to Wallingford when they made a stop for gas.  “I told my son I was feeling lucky and gave him money to buy me three ’20X Cash’ scratch tickets.  I scratched them in the car on the way home, but the light was too dim for me to see if I won anything,” Stevens said.  


The next day, Stevens remembered her “20X Cash” tickets and went back to look at them.  That’s when she discovered one ticket had a “20X” multiplier symbol with a $1,000 prize beside it for a $20,000 top prize win.

“I won big!” said Stevens with a smile. “I started calling everybody to tell them I won $20,000.  It was very exciting.”

For selling Stevens her top prize winning ticket, Forbes Premium Fuel at 401-411 Forbes Avenue, New Haven, will receive a $200 bonus from the CT Lottery.

License Plate Sighting Turns Into Big Lottery Win Out Of Vernon

A few weeks ago, Jeffrey Ward of Hebron was leaving the Mile Hill Xtra Mart in Vernon when he noticed a vehicle from out of state with the number 2137 on its license plate. It just so happens that 2137 is also one of Jeffrey’s favorite numbers to play in the CT Lottery’s Play4 draw game. 

Jeffrey took this coincidence as a “sign” and decided to purchase a few extra Play4 tickets more than usual. As fate would have it, the Play4 Day number 2137 was drawn just two days later on Dec. 30.  Each of Jeffrey’s tickets – 10 in total – were worth $5,000 for a total prize of $50,000.  “I gave two ($5,000) tickets to my daughter and the rest I’m just going to save for now. It feels wonderful.”

Bonsai Boy

No kidding. Eliseo Munoz is a $25,000 prize winner!

Eliseo Munoz of Danbury said he enjoys playing $2 scratch tickets “almost every day” at the Stop & Shop #644 in Danbury. Recently, the ticket Eliseo wanted to play wasn’t available, so the Lottery clerk suggested that he purchase the $2 game “$25,000 Triple Diamonds” instead.

ICOSA Brewhouse

“The first ticket I bought I won $10 so I bought one more. The second ticket was a $25,000 winner. When I told my wife I won $25,000 on a $2 scratch ticket she didn’t believe me. She thought I was kidding,” Eliseo said.

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“This is a great way to start a New Year”

Rick Hamilton of Windsor and his wife Andrea Gamble take the joint approach when they play lottery together. Rick buys the tickets and Andrea scratches them. “I usually play Play4, but I let Andrea scratch the tickets. She likes to play them,” Rick said.

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This time around, Rick bought three “10X Cash 13th Edition” scratch tickets for Andrea to play. She scratched the “Scratch-2-Cash” barcodes off first and then went straight to scanning them in a ticket checker.


“I like the surprise factor when the ticket checker says, ‘You’re a winner!'” Andrea explained with a laugh. “I thought I won $1,000 at first, but when I scratched the rest of the ticket and saw the 10X (multiplier) symbol with a $1,000 prize, I couldn’t believe it. We won $10,000!”

“This is a great way to start the New Year,” said Rick. “We’ll pay off some bills from Christmas and take a weekend getaway.”

“20X Cash” Delivers good luck, right before Christmas

When Edward Adajian of West Hartford stopped to cash a $15 prize-winning lottery ticket the other day the retailer asked him, “Why don’t you try playing ’20X Cash'”. Edward had never played the 20X Cash scratch game, but after a moment of thought, he decided to go for it.

As the retailer watched on, Edward scratched his way, bit by bit, down the ticket until he revealed a single “20X” symbol. Next to the multiplier symbol was a $1,000 prize.


That meant that Edward instantly won the $1,000 prize for that row times the 20X multiplier for a total prize win of $20,000. “It was a lucky win—especially right before Christmas. It was just very good luck,” Edward said.

West Haven contractor says he’s a lucky man, wins $10,000

Carlos Rafael, a home improvement contractor from West Haven, told the CT Lottery recently that he doesn’t play the lottery very often, but when he does, it’s usually a $1 or $2 ticket. “I work hard for the money I make. I’d rather save it,” Carlos said. What makes Carlos’ comment so remarkable is that he just won $10,000 playing the “10X Cash 13th Edition” scratch game, which is a $10 ticket.


“The person in front me at the store was playing (10X Cash) and I heard him say that the game had a lot of top prizes. So, I bought one. I didn’t even know how to play it,” Carlos said.  As he scratched the 10X Cash ticket, Carlos noticed he had several “X” symbols” in place of “Winning Numbers.”  “I said, ‘Oh my God, I think I won something.’

I gave the ticket to the retailer to scan and that’s when he told me — I won $10,000!” Not only is Carlos a hard-working guy, he’s a man of his word. He plans to play it safe and put his winnings right into savings. “I’m a lucky man,” said Carlos. “It’s all good!”

Long-awaited Cash5 “birthday” numbers are drawn on Dec. 14

Lisa Brey of East Hartford has been playing the same Cash5 “birthday” numbers for the last 10 years. Last year, she had a “4 + Kicker” match and won $4,650. On Sat., Dec. 14, Lisa’s luck was even better. The numbers on her ticket 1 – 3 – 6 – 12 – 22 were a perfect match to the winning numbers drawn and she won the Cash5 game’s top prize — $100,000.


“I was shopping with my daughter and checked the winning numbers with my phone on Lottery’s website. When I saw my numbers came out I couldn’t believe it. I just started crying. I ran out of the store and called my husband and said, ‘Oh my God, you’re not going to believe it. I won the lottery!'” The timing of Lisa’s win comes at just the right time. Lisa is retiring in two weeks and she and Ed, her husband, are building a new house. 

“I won small stuff before, but nothing like this!”

A couple hours before Joseph Jardin, Jr., of Ashford arrived at CT Lottery headquarters today, he stopped at the Squaw Hollow Xtra Mart in Ashford to cash a winning ticket. While standing in line, Jardin checked the Lottery’s website from his phone to see how many top prizes remained in the “30X Cash 6th Edition” scratch game.


 “I saw there was still 78 top prizes left so I thought, ‘What the heck, I’m gonna buy one.'” Back in his car, Jardin scratched the ticket and revealed a “30X” symbol.  That meant his $1,000 prize was automatically multiplied 30 times for a total prize of $30,000. 

“I’ve won small stuff before, but nothing like this,” Jardin said. “Now I can get some repairs done on my truck and take a trip to see my Grandson in Florida.”

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