1. Nutmeggers Are All Up In Everyone Else’s Business

You’ve heard of small town gossip, well…Connecticut has small state gossip. What can you expect in a state so small everyone’s practically related. You put two Connecticuters in a room and they’re bound to know at least five of the same people. It’s just the way it is. That being said, if you’re a connoisseur of whispers, the scuttlebutt doesn’t get much better than it is here. This especially applies if you go to UConn. You’ll meet everyone that lives in the the state—and their mother—the first week of school. Speaking of UConn…

2. UConn Basketball Isn’t A Team, It’s A Religion—And Folks In Connecticut Are Devout

Sure, Connecticut had its moment in the whole birth of a nation, founding father milieu…but many would argue state’s greatest achievement would be UConn basketball. These NCAA champs—both men and women—have made a name for Connecticut, and Nutmeggers bleed blue and white and know in their hearts that theirs is the greatest College basketball team in the world.

3. Connecticut Has A Bit Of A New York Inferiority Complex

Besides UConn Basketball, Connecticut isn’t known for a whole lot. And if someone from another country asks you where you’re from, you can absolutely forget about calling yourself out as a Nutmegger. So, you have no choice but to say you’re from “near New York,” even if the most New York thing about you is that ironic “I <3 NY” T-shirt you got in New York. If you try to say where you’re really from, people will look at you like, “Connect-i-what?” So yeah, there’s a little resentment here.

4. You Know The 1 Percent You’ve Heard So Much About, Yeah…They’re Talking About Folks From Connecticut

Connecticut is the fourth wealthiest state in the nation. Our median household income is $62,276 and our percentage of people living below the poverty line is the fourth lowest in the country. While it’s not true that everyone is rolling in dough in this state, the stereotype of the Connecticut cookie-cutter family living in their mansions in the suburbs holding a glass of rosé while floating around on giant pool floats is definitely a reality in many a Connecticut town. If you’ve ever been to Greenwich, Darien, New Caanan, Ridgefield, etc., then you know what I’m talking about.

5. So, Naturally Everyone Knows That One Guy Who Owns His Weight In Boat Shoes And Pastel Pants

The Connecticut prep stereotype comes from a long line of boat-shoe wearing, Yale-going, WASPy Connecticuters who like to think they’re better than everyone else—unfortunately this stereotype is true for many a Nutmegger. People will kick and scream and deny it all day, mostly because no one likes to admit that they’re the one with the popped collar and the pink J-crew pants.

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6. Going To The Meadows Is A Nutmegger Rite Of Passage—But Only Half Of Them Remember It

The Meadows is one of those places that every person in Connecticut has been. We’ve sat through any number of DMB or Phish concerts (Connecticuters love these bands for God knows what reason—probably because of how often they come to the Meadows). Most importantly, we’ve all tailgated before the concert. Many a Nutmegger has made the trek to the Meadows only to remember .001 percent of it: arriving at the tailgate.

7. They’re Liberals…They’re Conservatives…They’re Liberalservatives

Connecticut is pretty darn liberal. It was the third state to legalize same-sex marriage, It’s home to the nation’s strictest gun laws and there’s the fact that all its current top-ranking officials are Democrat with a capital D. But before you start throwing patchouli at them and telling them to get a job you hippy, Nutmeggers are also pretty conservative, at least when it comes to fiscal matters. Hey they’re rich, what else would you expect? There really couldn’t be a better physical embodiment for the way Connecticuters expertly walk the fine line between liberalism and conservatism than former senator Joe Lieberman. Just like Joe, we flutter between the aisles like leaves in the wind, but mostly seem to be socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Speaking of swerving…

8. “Dodge That Deer” Is A Statewide Pastime

Oh my god. Deer. Get off I-84. Or die! About 49 deer are killed per day on Connecticut roads (18,000 deer per year). So, pretty much all of I-84 is littered with dead deer. I’ve actually had a deer run into my car. Yes, you read that correctly. The deer hit me. Not the other way around. While dodging them can be a pain in the butt, we’re good enough at it that we end up doing more damage to the deer than they do to us (hence the 49 deer killed per day in CT…yikes. Not a good time for Bambi!).

9. Connecticuters Suffer From An Acute Case Of Driver Hubris

Maybe it’s all that deer dodging, but Connecticuters truly believe that they are God’s gift to driving. However, most Connecticuters will admit they’re awfully cocky about their driving skills—which is obnoxious but they’ve kind of earned it. Connecticut is right in the path of two distinctive types of drivers: Massholes and New Yorkers. Somehow Connecticut drivers have taken these two styles and blended them into their own. Take a dash of road rage, an ounce of aggression, cat like reflexes learned from dodging deer daily and ta-da the Connecticut driver is born.

10. Field Parties: Every Connecticuter Has Been To At Least One

There are two kinds of Connecticuters: those who admit to getting their field party on…and liars. But hey, we don’t blame you. Field parties are one of those things where you go once, promise yourself you’ll never, ever go again, and then…you’re back six days later. How does this keep happening? Its simple: It’s Friday night. What are you going to do? Option A: Go see one of the three terrible movies they’re playing at your local theater. Option B: Go bowling. Or Option C: Field party? UGHHHH. Fine. Better trek through a muddy field, light a fire, and drink some Coors. Ah, Connecticut. Isn’t it the best?

Content provided by IDX information with permission. Feature Image Source: Flickr user Todd Binger

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