Poll Shows Kit-Kat as the Most Favored Candy in Connecticut — Yes, There Was a Poll For This

With Halloween around the corner you probably have seen endless amount of candy polls, maps, and debates over the past few weeks on social media. Most of which will just make you angry and/or hungry.

After surveying over 2,000 people in residential neighborhoods across the country, Connecticut seems to favor Kit-Kats according to bid-on-equipment.com.

Bid-on states “According to respondents, ideal trick-or-treating hours are 6 to 9 p.m. and trick-or-treaters age out of the tradition at 15 years old. Staying out past bedtime on a school night doesn’t bother most participants – almost half say that the holiday shouldn’t be moved to the last Saturday in October.”

The site also provides the average amount parents will spend for Halloween.

“According to respondents, the average household spends just over $25 on candy while parents go above and beyond to spend $35.”

Enjoy your tasty Kit-Kats this Halloween?

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Written by Michael Uchalid

Michael Uchalid founded The Roundup in 2012 to better serve his community. Michael has spent more than 20 years in media marketing. Throughout his career, Michael has worked in all aspects of media including television, radio, print and digital outlets. Michael got his start at ESPN back in 1997. Michael has an amazing team behind him that works hard to report, create and aggregate news stories. Feel free to contact Michael at muchalid@ctroundupmedia.com


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