Meet The Students Who Took Over City Hall in Bristol

On October 1st, St. Paul Catholic High School in Bristol conducted elections in which students elected a set of Department Heads and Mayor.

The students did a job shadowing with their City Hall counterparts and ran a portion of a recent city council meeting. 

“The Mayor’s Youth Cabinet has been a great entry point for kids to get involved in city government,” stated Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu.

“After doing the meetings for a year, we thought bringing back these Mock Elections that used to be done years ago would be another great program to add.”

“There are a ton of issues that affect the youth in this town yet they don’t have a vote,” said Councilman Scott Rosado who serves as liaison to the Youth Commission.

“Recently the city paved a new section of pavement at the former Centre Mall site so that the kids would have a place to ride their bikes and do all their tricks. Previously, they were weaving in and out of traffic causing safety concerns. We want to continue to have an open dialogue so that they feel invested in their community too.”

In addition to the Youth piece, the Bristol Fire Department’s displayed their new Tower 1 apparatus outside City Hall before the meeting.

This is a $1.2 million piece of equipment. In addition, last week, ESPN filmed a commercial at Engine 4 that ran during NFL Live Sunday morning. They were nice enough to film a PSA for us for Fire Prevention month.

Meet The Students:

Mayor-Thomas Pauloz shadowed Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu and chaired the council meeting.

Chief of Police- Michael Ferraro attended the regional Police Chiefs Association meeting with Chief Brian Gould and also had the opportunity to pull over his dad in traffic on their way back to City Hall.

City Assessor-Martina Juong visited ESPN to update city records on renovations and improvements

Superintendent of Parks-Benjamin Speaker visited several Parks & Rec parks and facilities to review projects underway

Registrars of Voters-Sammi Bray helped the Registrars prepare for the upcoming election and also processed the voter registration of “Mayor Pauloz,” who turns 18 before the election and is thus eligible to vote on November 5th.

Director of Public Works-Colin Ivers shadowed Environmental Engineer Carol Noble on several site visits

Tax Collector-Richard Scott helped the staff receive payments and process refunds

Town & City Clerk-Sarah Lynch assisted the staff in processing absentee ballots for the upcoming election as well as reviewed all of the vital statistics functions. 

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