Bristol Mayor’s Task Force to Hold Annual AIDS Candlelight Vigil

On Wednesday, October 2 at 5 p.m., the Bristol Mayor’s Task Force on HIV/AIDS will hold its annual Candlelight Vigil on Federal Hill Green on Queen Street in Bristol to honor and remember those who live with HIV, those who have died and the families and friends affected by this disease.

The Task Force includes a broad group of individuals and agencies all of whom recognize the seriousness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and its effects locally. They meet monthly to address local concerns and to plan prevention and education efforts each year.

Sister Dolores Beshara will lead the invocation and benediction. Bristol Eastern High School’s Madrigal Choir led by Michael Coderre will again perform several pieces during the Vigil. Candles will be provided as will a white board for attendees to list the names of those affected by HIV. The names will be read aloud and a prayer of hope will be shared. Several speakers will also present.

The Mayor’s Task Force began meeting in 1991, ten years after the start of the HIV epidemic in this country when few services were available for those affected by HIV and little education had been done. The Task Force continues to work for HIV education and prevention in greater Bristol.  For further information, please contact, Valerie Ingram at 860-826-4741 or

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