Before and after photos of Kim Maher of Bristol who received $30,000 worth of free facial treatments.

Kim Maher of Bristol was a familiar face to Dr. Paul Stanislaw, he had performed a lower blepharoplasty to remove fat pads under her eyes in 2017.

Happy with the results of the lower eyelid surgery, she returned to the office to finish the eye rejuvenation process. Unfortunately, the cost to replace volume under the eyes would involve a substantial investment and money that she didn’t have.

Now 53, Maher returned with the goal of refreshing her outward appearance to reflect all of the positive changes she had made in her life.  After Maher shared the story of her personal journey,

Dr. Stanislaw was inspired to help her complete her transformation by gifting Maher $30,000 worth of treatments.

“Kim has worked very hard and overcome substantial challenges in order to put her life on a healthy new path,” explained Dr. Stanislaw. “I wanted to ensure that she could attain the maximum results she was hoping for, particularly since she had a significant amount of weight and now had excess skin on her jaw and neck.”

It was apparent to Dr. Stanislaw that Maher had aged prematurely and he was determined to use both surgical and non-surgical resources to optimize her aesthetic results. As he does with many patients, Dr Stanislaw requested photos of Maher when she was younger. He referred to the pictures of Maher in high school and when she was about 30 years old so that he could restore her natural look.

“Plastic surgery and anti-aging treatments should masterfully blend artistry and precision science to turn back the clock, not artificially alter the person’s true appearance,” said Dr. Stanislaw. “Improvements in surgical techniques have allowed for amazing results without the tell-tale signs of surgical intervention.”

For Maher and 80 percent of the practice’s patients, all of her surgeries were performed in the office with a local anesthetic.

There are no IVs or pills for sedation, but rather, Dr. Stanislaw uses a local anesthetic that is injected into the areas to be operated upon. There is a small pinch and a burn, and then the area is numb for about 8 hours.

Dr. Stanislaw notes that day one of Maher’s post-op consisted of changing the dressing and day two included removing the drains in addition to the dressing change. Some of the sutures were removed a week later and the remaining sutures came out ten days post-op.

On March 21, Maher had a full face chemical peel, in which Dr. Stanislaw used a chemical solution to smooth her skin’s texture through the removal of the damaged outer layers of the skin.

An eye and cheek rejuvenation and Dysport injection followed on May 1. Dysport is an alternative to Botox that is used to help reduce wrinkles caused by or made more severe by facial muscle contractions.

Dysport is most commonly used for wrinkles of the forehead, between the eyebrows, and crow’s feet (the area at the outside corner of the eyes). It can also be used for the vertical bands on the neck below the chin and wrinkles around the lips. Injectable fillers for volume replacement like Restylane and Juvederm, fill in embedded wrinkles between the eyebrows, smile lines (wrinkles that extend from the nose to the corners of the mouth), as well as marionette lines.

Dr. Stanislaw emphasizes that injectable fillers to the cheeks should maintain the gentle, smooth curves and volume of youth with the goal of rounding out the hollows that form across the cheeks. These hollows create shadows where none existed and make a person look older. Injection follow-ups and additional fillers on May 3 and June 4 completed the treatment.

Maher debuted her rejuvenated, refreshed and glowing face at the end of June.

“This has been an emotionally and physically healing journey on every level as my external appearance now matches my internal personality and I emerge as a more confident woman ready to take on my exciting second phase of life!,” exclaimed Maher. “I am overwhelmed by Dr. Stanislaw’s astonishingly generous gift and can’t thank him enough for his sophisticated skill in facial artistry. I will always return to his capable, competent hands.”

The practice is located at 35 Nod Rd. Suite 204 in Avon, CT. To schedule a consultation visit or call 860 409-1515.


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