GOP Candidate at Odds With Republican Town Committee

Camerin J Crowal

Community Volunteer, Small Business Owner, Member of the American Middle Class, Not the “Minority”.

Bristol Republican Counsel candidate Camerin J. Crowal
is not to happy with his party.
In a letter sent to the Bristol GOP, it made referred to a June 7th article published in the Bristol Press. Crowal says he was directly labeled under “minorities” that would round out the Republican slate.

“Everyone faces challenges and adversity, I’m not looking to get elected on a crutch or political token. I’m not running as the “minority” candidate,  I’m running for everyone, – Bristol’s majority.”

As a Republican, Crowal is not a member of the “Grand Old Party” he believes supporting a new generation — And keeping them in town.

Crowal also believes in less taxation on Bristol’s hardworking people and small businesses. 

Camerin J Crowal believes it’s his job to serve and inspire everyone in the community.

“I want to improve our town’s quality of life by providing real world career shops, enabling the overworked, overtaxed and underpaid the ability to secure higher paying jobs in the community.”

Crowal is a product of two such hardworking Bristol people, who faced adversity, and conquered it. 

“They made a name for themselves. I’m looking to help everyone achieve the same.”

Crowal is running as a representative of Bristol; millennials, baby boomers, people of all color, backgrounds, and beliefs.

“Everyone’s voice matters, It takes everyone to build healthy relationships and support a thriving community “said Crowal.

Crowal is joined by Cheryl Thibeault on the GOP ticket. David Mills is not seeking reelection.

For Democrats, incumbent Mary Fortier will join Britney Barney.

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