Burlington Approves Multi-family Housing Near Town Green

Site of new multi-family housing in Burlington | Mike Uchalid

During a recent planning and zoning meeting, the commission voted in favor of multi-family housing near the town green.

JP Parente, Planning and Zoning Commissioner said the multi-families will be a trio of two duplexes with a single shared driveway.

Site of new multi-family housing in Burlington | Mike Uchalid

“Part of the approved plan is to flatten the frontage area for increased line of sight. The proposed designs of the structures should be aesthetically pleasing to most people, and the builder hopes to sell each 3bed unit — six total — for under $200k each.” said JP Parente.

More details are available at Town Hall.

Gradbros LLC is the property owner and developer.

Written by Michael Uchalid

Michael Uchalid founded The Roundup in 2012 to better serve his community. Michael has spent more than 20 years in media marketing. Throughout his career, Michael has worked in all aspects of media including television, radio, print and digital outlets. Michael got his start at ESPN back in 1997. Michael has an amazing team behind him that works hard to report, create and aggregate news stories. Feel free to contact Michael at muchalid@ctroundupmedia.com


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