Bristol Public Works Means Business

Photo (c) Bristol Public Works Department

The Bristol Public Works Department — the workhorse of the city, says now that the weather is getting nicer, they have been receiving a lot of illegal bulk complaints.

“Public Works and the City of Bristol has zero tolerance for trash and bulk on the curb as it makes our town look bad and does not fit in with our Clean and Green motto.”

These are before and after pictures from last summer that shows the blight it causes and the work Public Works does to keep Clean and Green.

If you have items to get rid of, call to schedule a bulk pickup.

“In the fight to keep Bristol Clean and Green we take every complaint seriously. We send a letter to the resident to remove the items, they have 72 hours to remove said items. If they do not remove the items our illegal bulk crew will pick up the items and the Homeowner of the property will be fined. We want to keep Bristol clean! With your submissions of illegal bulk we are making this happen! If you see something say something.”

You can submit complaints here or call 860-584-6125.


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