Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu: We Want You!

Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu welcoming guests and congratulating honorees at the Bristol Boys & Girls Club’s annual Youth Recognition Dinner. The yearly event recognizes the extraordinary achievements of Club members | Photo credit Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu

The mayor and city council are asking Bristol residents to come forward if they are interested in serving on a city board or commission.

“City boards and commissions offer the public a chance to become involved in different aspects of local government,” said Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu. “One of the most effective ways to volunteer in the community and drive the change you wish to see is to step-up and volunteer in one of these key policy positions.”

The city’s various boards, commissions, and task forces support the work of the Bristol City Council by overseeing the direction and activities of various city departments and other key functions of local government, ranging from Public Works to Land Use boards, to Aging and Persons with Disabilities. Each position is unique to the objectives of a given board or commission.

“There are over 30 boards and commissions to choose from, with several current openings across multiple committees,” said Mayor Zoppo-Sassu, “Any resident who is interested in serving should feel free to reach out to my office or to their city councilor directly, and together we can match your skills and interests with a current opening, or add your name to a list of future appointments, as vacancies do sometimes occur when people move, are taken ill or violate the attendance policy.”

Residents can see a complete listing of all the various boards, commissions, and task-forces on the city’s website.

Contact information for the mayor’s office and each city councilor can be found here


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