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In a continued effort to improve interdepartmental efficiencies, the City of Bristol and the Board of Education have created two links that are connected between the City’s website and the Board of Education’s to provide information and updates on the building and development plans for the Memorial Boulevard Intra district Arts Magnet School Building Committee.

On the Board of Education website, the link is located by clicking on the green Board of Education tab, scrolling down and choosing Building Committees, which will open to the several active committees, including the Memorial Boulevard Intra district Magnet School Building Committee.

On the City side, the link is located by clicking “I Want to…” on the blue navigation bar and then scrolling to the Boards, Committees & Task Forces section.

In addition to the MBIAMS link, this new section lists other informative links on the City’s website providing the public an opportunity to follow the actions of other City boards, committees and Task Forces in an effort to be informed of issues that are important to them.

“For those people who are interested in following the developments on both the new school as well as the theater component, this is a great way to do so,” said Michael Dietter, ED.D,MBIAMS Building Committee Chair. The Building Committee has been meeting twice a month to put the planning pieces in place for the project to begin, as well as ensure that all guide lines set forth by the Office of School Construction and Grants Review are met. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday January 24th at 6:30pm and will be held at the BOE in room 36.

“We know that this is a high profile project to re-use and renovate a building that is significant due to its physical location on the Boulevard gateway, to various generations who attended school there as well as future students, and the future of downtown,” said Mayor Ellen Zoppo-
Sassu. “It was important to us to position it on both the Board of Education website and the City’s website, since it is really a joint effort by both the BOE and the City Council.”

In addition, the Mayor pointed out that there had been substantive work done in the last 10 years by other boards and commissions that is also available for review. “Many of these items are still of interest and give the big picture of all the pieces of information that have been accumulated over time in reference to this initiative.”


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