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Bristol Strives to Plow 225 Miles of Road as Quickly as Possible

Main Street Bristol. Photo (c) Mike Uchalid

The City of Bristol announced plans in preparation for the upcoming snow season. The Public Works Department is providing the following information to the public regarding snow removal operations.

The City of Bristol has approximately 225 miles of road and strives to plow and treat them as quickly as possible. Several different strategies are used to clear roadways during a snow event. Roads are categorized by priorities, such as hills, Hospital Zone & school bus routes. The remaining roads are plowed based on priority and route efficiencies. Hills are treated for safety as required.

Typically plowing operations begin based out weather forecasting. On days without snow, crews will clean up and push back snow banks as needed. City owned sidewalks will be clean and cleared at this time as well.

The following roads are plowed and maintained by The Connecticut State DOT; Burlington Avenue , East Main Street, Farmington Avenue, King Place, King Street, Middle Street, North Street, Park Street, Pine Street, Riverside Avenue, Route 72, School Street, Scott Swamp Road, Terryville Avenue, Terryville Road, West Street, Wolcott Road, and Wolcott Street. Please contact the State DOT (860) 594-2084 with any issues regarding the above mentions roads.

Snow Plowing Schedule:

Under normal circumstances, plowing operations will occur on regular working days starting at 7:00 a.m. Weekends and extended shifts plowing may take place under the direction of the Public Works Director and or his designee when considering impacts of total accumulation and current conditions and forecasts.

Under some circumstances of more than 3 inches of accumulations, private contractors may be called in to assist City crews. The contractors are assigned to low volume streets. Once contractors are called in City plows will focus on high volume routes which are classified as high volume routes. Some schedules may be interrupted due to unpredictable or unusual weather conditions, and/or emergency situations.

Snow Plowing Operations:

There are usually two different types of snow removal operations. The first occurs during a storm and consists of making passes to keep the roadway open. This includes clearing a path sufficient for vehicles to pass. It also will include clearing of cul-de-sacs enough to allow a vehicle to turn around. Secondary work includes widening the travel portion of the road, pushing snow back and plowing out wider areas of the roadway. While widening the roadway, care is taken to stay a few inches off the curb line, so that curbing, driveway aprons and or mailboxes are not damaged.

Driveways and Sidewalks:

The snow plowing operation my result in a berm of snow across private driveways or deposits of snow on sidewalks. The City does not have the resources to keep driveways or private sidewalks clear or remove snow berms in front of driveways.

While reasonable efforts are made to plow in a manner that will minimize the snow that is deposited in front of driveways or sidewalks. Berm removal is the responsibility of each individual property owner. Per Section 21-22 of the City of Bristol Code of Ordinances, property owners are responsible for clearing sidewalks adjacent to City roads.

Property owners must avoid creating hazards in a public roadway. Per Section 21-24 of the City of Bristol Code of Ordinances, it is forbidden for property owners to deposit snow into City roadways.

Roadside Parking:

During the months of December 15th to March 15th, no vehicle shall park on any roadway between the hours of 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. Code of Ordnances Section 14-32. When warranted a more restrictive storm parking ban will be enacted which prohibits all on street parking. The parking ban will be announced to the public through media resources and stay in effect till the conclusion of the operation.

Private Plowing:

It is forbidden for property owners or any other person to deposit snow in the streets, except the natural fall of snow upon sidewalks, and sidewalk wheelchair ramps, which shall not be deposited in the travel way portion of the street, or to cause the deposit of snow upon abutting or adjacent properties or properties which are not immediately contiguous to the property owners’ without the consent of the other property owner. The police department is authorized to issue infractions for violations of this section pursuant to Bristol Code of Ordinances section 1-11.

Rubbish/Recycle Barrels:

Barrels should be placed in the driveway, a minimum of five (5) feet behind the front of the snow berm
to minimize the possibility of being knocked over.

Helpful Phone Numbers:

NON-EMERGENCY 860-584-3011

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