The Toll Battle Continues

Cars on the highway passing under All-Electronic Tolling System

A panel advising Gov.-elect Ned Lamont on transportation priorities for his administration Wednesday recommended tolls for both trucks and passenger vehicles, an expansion well beyond what Lamont promised in his campaign for the state’s highest elected office.

“We recognize that the tolling conversation isn’t easy, but we agree that it is a hard conversation that our state needs to have,” Melissa Kaplan-Macey, co-chairman of the transportation advisory panel, said.

“We’re the only state in our region that doesn’t charge user fees for wear and tear on our highways. Maintaining and upgrading our roadways requires funding and particularly with respect to heavy trucks, vehicles passing through Connecticut are getting a free ride on our roads.”

Lamont, a Democrat, campaigned on limited tolling, which he said would extend only to tractor-trailers. Tolls, and the economic effect on the state, were frequently raised during the gubernatorial contest, alongside dire projections that state deficits could run as high as $4.4 billion over the next two fiscal years.

You can read the full story by the Courant here.

Author: The Roundup
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