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Ned Lamont: Thank You Connecticut!

Governer elect Ned Lamont

Democrat Ned Lamont won the election on Tuesday to be Connecticut’s next governor and he’s sending a thank you letter to all his supporters and to all residents of the Nutmeg State.

“Thank you for the great honor of electing me your next governor. Together with our lieutenant governor-elect, Susan Bysiewicz, I will work hard everyday to grow our economy, make government more efficient, and improve the quality of life for all our residents.

I am proud of Connecticut’s historically high midterm turnout in this year’s election, and I hear your message loud and clear – it’s time for a change. Connecticut’s residents reject division, and they want us to come together to address the big challenges we face.

I thank Bob Stefanowski and Oz Griebel for a spirited race.

I thank every candidate who ran for state office, and I congratulate those who won. I look forward to working with the 2019 General Assembly and bringing Democrats and Republicans together to turn our state around.

Over the next two months, I will work closely with the Office of the Governor to ensure a smooth transition. That hard work begins today.”

During the campaign, Lamont said he was not a politician.

“I’m an entrepreneur who started up and ran a small business right here in Connecticut. And I’ve got a plan that cuts property taxes for the middle class, transforms our business climate, and stands up for working families and Connecticut values.”

“Decades of fiscal mismanagement by career politicians have led to flat wages, lost jobs, and a sense that Connecticut has lost its way. It wasn’t always like this. Connecticut was once a hub of global commerce — a place where entrepreneurs moved to start new businesses and see them thrive, and where immigrants began their American Dream.” said Lamont.

Lamont is also very active on Twitter. Here are a few of his most recent Tweets.

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