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Bristol High School Students Participate in Mock Election — Who Did They Vote For?

Photo Courtesy Bristol Registrars of Voters

The Bristol Registrars of Voters held a mock election at both Bristol Eastern High School and Bristol Central High School on October 30, 2018.

Gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont and State Representative Kevin Fuller were the big winners in the mock election.

These votes reflect who students would have elected as the next governor and senator of Connecticut if they were old enough to vote in the real election.

Democrat Ned Lamont won over Republican Bob Stefanowski at both high schools, 232-189.

Democrat Senator Chris Murphy inched out a win against his 4 opponents; same with John Larson with his 2 opponents.

Democrat Chris Wright won by a close margin at Bristol Eastern and Central to Republican Henri Martin.

In total, Democrat Kevin Fuller won against Republican Cara Pavalock 165-127.

Democrat Chris Ziogas and Dave Rackliffe were tied at 55-55.

Office DesignationCandidatePartyNumber of Votes Received at Bristol Eastern HS
Governor & Lt. GovernorNed Lamont & Susan BysiewiczDemocratic170
Governor & Lt. GovernorBob Stefanowski & Joe MarkleyRepublican145
United States SenatorChristopher S. MurphyDemocratic201
United States SenatorMatthew CoreyRepublican98
Representative in CongressJohn B. LarsonDemocratic188
Representative in CongressJennifer T. NyeRepublican116
State Senator 31Christopher A. WrightDemocratic174
State Senator 31Henri MartinRepublican164
State Representative 77Kevin FullerDemocratic165
State Representative 77Cara C. Pavalock-D’AmatoRepublican127
Secretary of the StateDenise W. MerrillDemocratic94
Secretary of the StateSusan ChapmanRepublican140
TreasurerShawn WoodenDemocratic122
TreasurerThad GrayRepublican116
ComptrollerKevin LemboDemocratic120
ComptrollerKurt MillerRepublican117
Attorney GeneralWilliam TongDemocratic131
Attorney GeneralSue HatfieldRepublican121
Judge of ProbateAndre DorvalDemocratic224
Registrars of VotersKevin McCauleyDemocratic129
Registrars of VotersSharon M. KrawieckiRepublican136
Office DesignationCandidatePartyNumber of Votes Received at   Central HS
Governor & Lt. GovernorNed Lamont & Susan BysiewiczDemocratic62
Governor & Lt. GovernorBob Stefanowski & Joe MarkleyRepublican44
United States SenatorChristopher S. MurphyDemocratic80
United States SenatorMatthew CoreyRepublican24
Representative in CongressJohn B. LarsonDemocratic74
Representative in CongressJennifer T. NyeRepublican29
State Senator 31Christopher A. WrightDemocratic57
State Senator 31Henri MartinRepublican58
State Representative 79Christoper ZiogasDemocratic55
State Representative 79David RackliffeRepublican55
Secretary of the StateDenise W. MerrillDemocratic54
Secretary of the StateSusan ChapmanRepublican49
TreasurerShawn WoodenDemocratic67
TreasurerThad GrayRepublican35
ComptrollerKevin LemboDemocratic59
ComptrollerKurt MillerRepublican42
Attorney GeneralWilliam TongDemocratic64
Attorney GeneralSue HatfieldRepublican43
Judge of ProbateAndre DorvalDemocratic100
Registrars of VotersKevin McCauleyDemocratic62
Registrars of VotersSharon M. KrawieckiRepublican44

See the complete and official report here.

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