Reader Supports Paul Honig

John Piscopo (76th District) has been in office for 30 years as a State Legislator. He campaigns that he will “Fix Connecticut”. 30 years and NOW he is going to fix our state problems? He’s a big part of the problem and not the solution.

We desperately need someone with energy, talent, drive and the willingness to work hard to solve our problems. Paul Honig is that person. Paul is deeply committed to work across party lines to resolve the State budget crisis. Paul also prioritizes getting health care costs under control for all of us. Paul has the skills and ability to deal with complex issues and the compassion to do so.

We can’t afford to have a complacent person representing Thomaston, Burlington, Harwinton and Northfield any longer. Vote for Paul Honig . Let’s make our beloved
State sustainable for all of us.

Robin R. Turpin


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