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What is the Police Lip Sync Challenge? — Bristol Police Nails it!

Bristol Police join together with the citizens of Bristol to showcase the Police Department in the community by participating in the Lip Sync Challenge.

What’s the lip sync challenge? According to CBS News, it all started in Texas. CBS News said Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputy Alexander Mena “kicked off the challenge last month with a simple video, never expecting it would lead to full-scale productions.”

From California to Connecticut, law officers and firefighters with astounding performance capabilities (or not) have been dancing, gyrating, leaping, grimacing, goofing and embracing during videotaped performances that have become increasingly sophisticated and have grabbed millions of Facebook and YouTube hits according to USA Today.

Men and women who pledged to serve and protect are shown in the videos having fun and engaging with their communities.

Some of these videos have to be breaking the internet.

They are hilarious and very entertaining.

In August, police officers in Norfolk, Va., released a video of themselves shimmying down a corridor and pumping their fists in the air, lip-syncing to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’s “Uptown Funk.” The video was a viral hit, viewed more than 70 million times on Facebook.

It is one of the most popular entries in a lip-sync challenge initiated by police departments nationwide according to the New York Times.

The videos have come as police departments increasingly use social media to step up their public relations efforts and try to repair their image after years of anger and protests over police brutality and fatal shootings of black people by officers.

The idea is to show police as human and fun-loving at a time when they are under increasing criticism for fatal shootings and accusations of brutality. Many videos feature officers dancing alongside youngsters and other civilians, all to help improve relations with the public as well as morale in the department produce its own, and Mazzarella, a professional videographer and co-founder of MazzMedia, volunteered to film it.

“We were thinking of another song, but we had a meeting about it and she came in with ‘Centerfield.’ It was a great idea,” said Officer James Pelletier, head of the police union.

For the Bristol Police Department, ESPN and Lake Compounce came in handy too.

The Courant also posted a behind the scenes feature.

Police-community relationships are one of the most significant barriers facing police officers.

“This is why positive police-community relations are critical for active crime prevention, officer safety, and successful police-citizen relationships.

Bristol is known for its proud Police Department above all else. With so many changes facing Bristol, the BPC continues to protect the community.”

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