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Bristol Senate Candidate Encounters Bear While Door Knocking

File Photo | Big male black bear

According to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, there have been 153 reported bear sightings in Bristol in the last year.

Most notably a bear walked into Crazy Bruce’s Discount Liquors on Route 6 this Summer. The black bear made it through the front door, but an employee managed to lock the inside door so the bear couldn’t get into the actual store.

While door knocking, State Senate Candidate Chris Wright encountered a bear.

Wright said “As I was campaigning on Woodside Lane in Plainville this weekend, I walked up a driveway and there in the backyard, not more than 40 to 50 feet from me, was a full-grown black bear! The encounter was brief as the bear turned and walked away before I could ask him for a vote.”

Wright took the encounter as a reminder that open space for both man and the wild is needed.

“For me, this experience re-enforced my belief that we should be more conscientious about our approach to land use and need to adopt policies that encourage more sustainable growth. While the last few remnants of open space in our state are being developed for human use, let’s look toward the reclamation and reuse of brownfields in our city centers and try to preserve some green areas not just for wildlife, but for future generations of people to enjoy as well.”

Wright is run against Henri Martin, a Republican, in the district that includes Bristol, Plainville, Plymouth, Thomaston, and Harwinton.

“As a candidate for State Senator from the 31st District (Bristol, Plainville, Plymouth, Harwinton and Thomaston) I hear this desire expressed by the people who live here, and as your State Senator, these are the policies that I will support.”

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