Photo courtesy Bristol Public Works

The City of Bristol needs your help to eliminate illegal bulk and unsightly littering on streets, forests, and other public right of ways, as well as on private and commercial properties.

Most illegal dumping is done to avoid paying disposal fees at the transfer station or failure to take the time and effort to schedule bulk pickup appointments.

Common areas for dumping may include vacant properties, curbside dumping, commercial dumpsters, and along the roadside.

Dumping causes devaluation of property, health hazards and stormwater pollution.

Items dumped can wash debris and pollutants into the storm drain system, causing flooding, clogged drains and damage to wildlife and plants.

Violations can be fined up to $90 a day for illegal bulk on your property.

Bristol provides one free bulk pickup per year for homeowners that receive curbside collection from the city.

To schedule a pickup appointment and help clean up the city by reporting illegal bulk & illegal dumping to Public Works online or by phone 860-584-6


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