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Someone smashed windows at Bristol pawn shop back-to-back nights

Silas Deane Pawn on Rt. 6 Bristol | Photo courtesy

Silas Deane Pawn Shop on Rt. 6 is offering a reward for information after its windows were smashed on back-to-back nights.

NBC Connecticut reported security cameras captured the moment a vandal, brandishing what appears to be a baseball bat, struck the large glass panel windows at Silas Deane Pawn early in the morning on Friday.

The suspect was caught on camera wearing clothing with distinctive blue stripes and a baseball hat.

Justin Hagan, the store’s owner said nothing was taken from the store, leaving the vandal’s motivation a mystery.

He ruled out the potential of a disgruntled employee or dissatisfied customer committing the acts, and said, “we have a great customer base.”

Hagan said the first incident happened around 1:30 a.m. Friday. The second incident happened around 2:30 a.m. Saturday.

Hagan said they are offering a $500 reward for information.

The damage is estimated to be $6,700 for one and $3,000 for the other.

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