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Meet People From Bristol’s Past: Ola Dahlgren

Bristol lost a beautiful post office and so many downtown buildings. Images of those long gone buildings flood social media.

However, the history of Bristol is also about people, not buildings.

Inside those building were people. People who offered services, people who played sports, people who shopped, people who worked in factories and the Bristol barons they worked for.

The list goes on and on. People lived, worked and shopped in Bristol.

Ironically, Bristol is trying to bring back just that. People who live, work and shop in Bristol.

Meet Ola Dahlgren in his shoe repair shop on Queen Street in 1938.

Ola Dahlgren

Do you know more about Ola Dahlgren and his shoe repair shop? Let me know on Facebook or comment below.

Stayed tuned for another Meet People From Bristol’s Past.

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3 comments on “Meet People From Bristol’s Past: Ola Dahlgren


    Was his shop on the corner of Queen and High?

  2. David Carlson

    Ola Dahlgren was my Great-Grandfather. He immigrated, through Ellis Island, from Sweden. Unfortunately, he passed away before I was born. The picture you used is very familiar as it hung in my home while growing up and is now proudly displayed in my sister’s home.

  3. Great idea. Looking forward to your future posts.