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At Last There’s Proof: Report Finds Connecticut Has The Highest Psychopaths in America

Connecticut state capital building

While Washington, D.C., may be known for its countless politicians, a new study says our nation’s capital also houses the most psychopaths in the United States.

And apparently, CT is home to the 2nd highest amount of psychopaths in America and the highest in the states.

Well, this explains a lot.

A report published in the Social Science Research Network ranked the 48 continental states and D.C. by the degree of psychopathic personality traits found in the residents of each state.

The study, from economist Ryan Murphy at Southern Methodist University, builds off existing research that looked at how the so-called Big Five personality traits are spread across US states, based on personality samples of almost 1.6 million people.

If you feel like you’re constantly surrounded by psychopaths, it may be that you live in the wrong state or city.

The research measured which areas of the country are home to the individuals with psychopathic personalities and found that the Northeast hosts a larger percentage of these individuals, with Washington, D.C., and Connecticut the most.

When Murphy crunched the numbers, he found Connecticut was the most psychopathic state per capita, followed by California, New Jersey, and New York/Wyoming.

While Connecticut may have been the most psychopathic state, it wasn’t actually the most psychopathic place, regionally speaking.

When Washington D.C. was included in the results alongside with the states, it resulted in the single most extreme place in the entire study.

The D.C score of 3.48 almost doubles Connecticut’s 1.89.

For a couple decades, Connecticut has slowly closed down housing and services throughout the State for mental health care and addiction.

Here’s the full list, ranked from most to least psychopathic states:

1. District of Columbia

2. Connecticut

3. California

4. New Jersey

5. New York and Wyoming (tie)

7. Maine

8. Wisconsin

9. Nevada

10. Illinois

11. Virginia

12. Maryland

13. South Dakota

14. Delaware

15. Massachusetts

16. Arizona

17. Florida

18. Iowa

19. Colorado

20. Texas

21. Ohio

22. Utah

23. Arkansas

24. Idaho

25. North Dakota

26. Michigan

27. Alabama

28. Pennsylvania

29. Rhode Island

30. Louisiana

31. Kansas

32. Georgia

33. Minnesota

34. Missouri

35. Washington

36. Kentucky

37. Nebraska

38. South Carolina

39. New Hampshire

40. Oregon

41. Indiana

42. Mississippi

43. Montana

44. Oklahoma

45. New Mexico

46. North Carolina

47. Tennessee

48. Vermont

49. West Virginia

As for worrying about your personal safety, no need. Only a handful of psychopathic people are dangerous.

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