Former Bristol Mayor Bill Stortz talks with parents at the Bristol Eastern High School fundraising booth at the 2016 Home Show

Former Bristol Mayor Bill Stortz, an all-around great American patriot was recently featured by the Bristol Press.

For myself, Bill was always the voice of reason when I was on the Bristol Republican Town Committee.

Yes — I was a Republican.

Back then, the Bristol GOP was a different party. Bristol Republicans only held one member on the Council — Ron Burns.

Side note: It appears history is repeating itself by only having one GOP member on the Council again. And we can’t forget about me being on the Bristol Board of Education. Thank God I left before the era of mad dogs that came much later.

As time went on, I learned my values were no longer in line with the GOP Nationally.

That did not apply locally because of Bill.

Bill is someone to be respected.

Bill presses administrations — Republican or Democrat — for transparency.

You can always find Bill standing in the back of meetings with something to say.

From railroad trestle blight to downtown revitalization, Bill seeks answers.

As a child, my off the boat grandmother always saw Bill every day attending morning mass at St. Gregory the Great Church on Stafford Avenue. I remember that well and it sticks with me to this day.

Bill transcends politics and has a true love for making Bristol better.

After reading the Bristol Bits commentary about Bill, I felt the need to share it.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

You can read it here.


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