Bristol Special Olympics

It’s amazing what $30 can do — when you give $30, Special Olympics can get a basketball into the hands of an athlete. And $100? That’ll get a whole team on the court!

“Together we can bring more joy, give more confidence, and instill more leadership by putting basketballs in the hands of our athletes,” stated Special Olympics.

Hundreds of people have stepped up locally to help Special Olympics reach their goal of getting 1,000 basketballs in the hands of athletes.

“Here’s where we need your help: We still have 328 basketballs to go. What could be better than giving a Special Olympics athlete their first-ever basketball?”

Special Olympics is nearing their 50th anniversary — that’s half a century of helping athletes find joy and discover confidence through the life-changing power of sport.

When your basketball goes from your hometown to an athlete in need, it starts a cycle of change that improves their life forever.

The goal at Bristol Special Olympics is to promote the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle.

They provide training and competition in a variety of year-round Olympic-type sports.

The Bristol Special Olympics is a self-sustaining local organization and thanks to the generosity and support of the all-volunteer staff, team members, families, and individuals, the program continues to thrive.

Bristol Special Olympics runs solely by volunteers.  All money donated goes directly to benefit their programs, and the athletes and the families involved.


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