DOT to Host Important Meeting on Rt. 72 & Rt. 69 Realignment — Includes Memorial Boulevard

Memorial Boulevard

The Connecticut Department of Transportation will conduct a public informational meeting concerning the proposed intersection improvements on Route 72 at the east end of Memorial Boulevard and a concept for the realignment of Route 72 at North Main Street, on Wednesday, May 9, 2018 in Bristol at Riverview Apartments community meeting room, 171 Laurel Street, Bristol, Connecticut.

The meeting is set to begin at 7:00 p.m. and will be held in conjunction with the West End Association’s bi-monthly meeting.

The purpose of the meeting is to gauge public support of the conceptual plan for realignment of Route 72 at North Main Street.

The DOT’s willingness to move forward with the design is dependent on the public’s support for the conceptual work proposed at North Main Street.  

The purpose of the State project is to alleviate congestion and improve traffic operations on Route 72 at the intersection of Memorial Boulevard, Downs Street, and Blakeslee Street.

The proposed improvements include realigning the intersection to make Route 72 the natural through movement, thus removing through traffic from Memorial Boulevard.

Route 72 would be raised and shifted towards Blakeslee Street to avoid adversely effecting Blakeslee Street.

The project would also provide two through-lanes in each direction on Route 72 and realign Memorial Boulevard so that it would require a turning movement to maneuver onto Route 72.

In addition to these improvements, the City of Bristol is planning to replace two bridges adjacent to the intersection on Memorial Boulevard and Downs Street under a separate project. The proposed work at these two bridges would be completed in conjunction with the proposed intersection realignment.

The purpose of the realignment of Route 72 at North Main Street is to encourage eastbound traffic to use Route 72 rather than re-routing to Memorial Boulevard as an alternate. Currently, those traveling eastbound along Route 72 are required to make two turning maneuvers to stay on the State route, making Memorial Boulevard the most direct eastbound route.

To achieve this goal, the concept may require the reconfiguration of Bracket Park.

Additionally, The Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Office of Engineering is developing plans to realign the intersection of Route 72 (Park Street, Divinity Street, & School Street) at Route 69 (West Street) in the West End neighborhood of Bristol.

The project involves realigning the intersection of Route 72 and Route 69 to the north to provide a more conventional intersection.  The proposed improvements will address vehicle and pedestrian safety concerns along with improved traffic operations.

The plan involves the removal of building next to the Pequabuck River.

The present schedule indicates that the design will be completed in January 2019, with construction anticipated to start in summer 2019. The project will be undertaken with 80 % federal and 20 % state funds.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday, May 9, 2018 in Bristol at the Riverview Apartments community meeting room, 171 Laurel Street, Bristol, Connecticut.

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